Le Stanze di Torcicoda

Room and Breakfast in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto of Ferrara

About Ferrara

Ferrara is a city between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, UNESCO World Heritage since 1995; it is a city on a human scale, to walk safely on foot or by bicycle. You can enjoy Ferrara day and night, savoring at every corner the magical atmosphere of the past.

Ferrara is a city of art and culture, with its Palazzo dei Diamanti, centre of prestigious exhibitions, the uniqueness of the Estense Castle, historical districts such as the Jewish Ghetto, fascinating interlacement of medieval alleys and the magnificent Herculean Addition, with its sumptuous palaces and streets. Besides the Municipal Theatre offers seasons of high quality.

In Ferrara historical-reminiscent events of great interest take place: the Palio di San Giorgio, the oldest Palio of Italy, musical events like Ferrara Buskers Festival and Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle and an important event dedicated to the world of balloons, the Ferrara Balloons Festival.

University City, Ferrara is also a young city, full of excellent restaurants, ancient wine bars and many places full of night life.

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